Frequently Asked Questions

Hunter Valley Operations

How do you monitor noise?

HVO utilises a network of real-time directional noise monitors to manage noise impacts on a continuous basis. Noise alarms are in place at five monitoring locations (Knodlers Lane, Maison Dieu, Jerrys Plains, Moses Crossing, and Long Point), which alert HVO staff to elevated noise levels likely to be attributable to HVO. Noise alarms are investigated and responded to with the appropriate level of operational modification. Changes in response to a noise alarm can include changing or relocating tasks and shutting down equipment.

The interactive map on this website displays instances of noise alarms being received from the real-time monitoring network and operational changes made in response where required.

How do you monitor air quality?

Monitoring is undertaken in accordance with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) ‘Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants in New South Wales’ guidelines, which can be downloaded from the EPA’s website at

Hunter Valley Operations maintains a network of real time PM10 monitors. The real time air quality monitoring stations continuously log information and transmit data to a central database, generating alarms when particulate matter levels exceed internal trigger limits. Alarms are investigated and responded to with the appropriate level of operational modification. Changes in response to an alarm can include changing or relocating tasks, prioritising additional water carts to an area and shutting down equipment.

The air quality graphs presented on this website are displaying monitoring data collected through the real-time monitors. 

For information regarding monitoring locations, compliance assessment and reporting, and air quality management practices, please see the  HVO Air Quality Management Plan.

Am I viewing the raw or validated noise data on this website?

The information on this website has been validated by our Environmental Services team to ensure there are no anomolies in the data, and that monitors have recorded accurately. Where gaps appear in the air quality trends or meteorological data, it is indicative of a monitor outage or communications fault. 

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to submit a complaint by telephone, please call our complaint line at free call 1800 888 733. Please let us know if you would like us to call you back to discuss your complaint or provide feedback. 

How often is this website updated?

The InSite website is updated each business day for the previous day and night shift. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday Data is uploaded on the next business day.